Google announced yesterday that they are throwing together an “A-Pop Star Week” starting on March 8th, which will consist of a series of Google+ Hangouts from popular singers hailing from the C-pop, J-pop, and K-pop industries. Fans will be able to submit hash-tagged questions to Google+ for their favorite Asian pop stars to answer during the Hangout sessions.


Popular C-pop artists Wang Lee-hom and Mayday are included in the lineup, and J-pop fans have Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and flumpool to look forward to. As for K-pop, so far boy groups 2PM, SHINee, and Super Junior are listed on the roster of artists participating in this event.


While Google+ Hangouts have been used on occasion by groups to interact with their fans for a while now (notable examples include Hangouts held by Infinite, LunaflyAfter School, Sistar, and Crayon Pop) and this isn’t exactly Google’s first time hosting a K-pop event, it’s still very exciting to see something being pulled together for Asian pop music as a whole, and on such a large scale. The details of the event are available on the event’s Google+ page, as well as the new A-Pop channel on YouTube.

More of our thoughts on this this later, but first we decided to open it up our readers: What are your thoughts? Does this signify something big for A-pop? Will you be attending this event?

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