Welcome to this week’s Roundtable!

At the end of last year, the authors on our team made individual wishlists for what they hoped to see would happen in K-pop in 2012.

Roughly half a year has passed since then (time flies quickly in the K-pop-iverse), and we can see that while some of those wishes actually came true (SHINee came back with a manly — well, manlier — concept, Big Bang appeared on Running Man), others still remain wishful thinking (Kang Ho-dong has yet to return to variety shows, DBSK has yet to get back together).

This week, we asked our writers: What are three wishes you would like to see come true in K-pop, in the latter half of this year?


1. Shinhwa as guests on Running Man

2. Yoon Eun-hye as a guest on Running Man

3. Epik High coming back together for another album (now that Mithra Jin is back from the army)

Maryse: (Wanted those first 2 wishes too, but you beat me to it)

1. 10cm and Jang Ki-ha and the Faces to return with new albums

2. CN Blue‘s Jung-shin to appear on more variety shows (he was so funny on Invincible Youth)

3. More Park Ji-sung guestings on Running Man

Gil: I second that Epik High comeback. Let’s get crack-a-lacking, boys. Now for my wish list:

1. Phantom releasing their debut album ASAP. A remake of that Barbara Streisand song is not going to cut it; I need a full album, guys.

2. To become the secret overlord of the Korean pop industry with my harem of attractive Asian men.

3. The full versions of “Baby Don’t Cry,” “My Lady,” “El Dorado,” and “Beautiful.”

Nabeela: OMG yes, Jungshin needs to be on TV more. He really is hilarious. Okay, here’s Nabeela’s wish list:

1. Another GD/TOP album

2. B2ST on some variety stint

3. Jun.k to finally marry me. And make another solo track.


1. Some awesome, marathon-worthy drama (like City Hunter last summer — I don’t care if it was overrated, I loved every second of it) to come out this summer so I can stay up until 5 AM watching it.

2. Beast to hurry up and come to NYC already (or Big Bang, I’ll settle for whatever). Actually, just more K-pop concerts on the East Coast in general would be nice.

3. Yonghwa to wear sleeveless tops all the time so I can admire his biceps. -straightface-


1. A 2PM and Jay Park collaboration with lots of b-boying and acrobatics. I’d also like for there to be a lot of tears, hugs, and promise rings.

2. Running Man to get back to its Hide and Seek glory days. Or for them to lay off the guests.

3. Big Bang to come out with a serious hip-hop crossover album that tops all the charts. None of this weird “Monster” stuff.

Antonia: I agree with Nabeela; Beast must be everywhere, all the time.

1. More unisex groups/duos would mix things up, like Troublemaker minus the vaguely incestual awkwardness.

2. We would learn so much more about our favourite idols if we took them off Twitter and set them up with Tumblr. Heechul and Jaejoong can run a cat blog.

3. Fair screen time and line distribution. Please. Just — please.

Gil: Heechul would be too busy running a blog dedicated to his face.

Johnelle: Well, since it’s K-pop Genie, I’m going big and all out with the wishes instead of being totally selfish and just wishing for Big Bang’s ALIVE World Concert Tour to stop in Hawaii.

3. The return of Family Outing with all the original cast members.

2. Not to erase the break up because too much has gone on to try and turn back time, but I want DBSK and JYJ to kiss and make up.

1. The reunification of North and South Korea. If only K-pop Genie could do it with a bow of his head we wouldn’t have to worry about them blowing up each other. The King 2 Hearts is still fresh in my mind…

Kimberley: @Johnelle: Wish #1, (Y).

1. Great summer songs like those from last year’s Infinite Challenge concert. We’ve got summer all year through in Singapore so it’ll be fitting. And I still put on 2011’s fantastic tracks whenever. PS: I did spend a good 10 days in Korea last summer — with Maryse & company! — so that might’ve helped.

2. Elaborating on Bethany’s wish #2, I’d like a show that can successfully pull me away from the other things that’ve been keeping me occupied — Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Tom Hiddleston…

3. A K-indie Fest in Singapore, please. Or just a good multi-act concert — YG Family, JYP Nation anyone?


1. A spectacular comeback for 8Eight that allows them to promote more than just a ballad. It’s been almost a year since “Close That Lip,” and I’m in serious need of a Joo-hee fix (actually, I’d just prefer a solo Joo-hee mini-album, but I won’t push my luck). Also, it would be beyond amazing if they actually won an award for once.

2. A SNSD album that is better than was The Boys. That shouldn’t be too hard, now, should it?

3. For the idiots at Core Contents Media that are currently wrecking T-Ara to step back, take a look at their choices, then reevaluate and make an Eun-jung/Hyo-min/So-yeon subgroup. And to never, ever, entertain the thought of adding a child they found on the street to an already-established group of women again.

(Images via: YG Entertainment, Ceci)