Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or maybe even Festivus–we wish you all a ‘Happy Holidays’ and thank you for making us a part of your K-pop addiction.  From everyone here at SB, thank you for reading and supporting Seoulbeats.

At this most wonderful time of the year, while you and yours celebrate the season of giving and being with family and friends, the staff at Seoulbeats’ began to reflect on what we’d like for Christmas from K-pop Santa (should there actually be one–it’s possible).  All year round we provide everyone with our insights into the world of K-pop… and we’re thinking it’s about time that K-pop Santa starts paying off our efforts.  So, here’s our individual wish lists.


  • for Jun.K to get hotter and do more solo work and then marry me because I love him
  • SNSD to not come to the states, because they’re going to lose power in K-pop as they make a fool of themselves and the Hallyu wave in the states
  • and to get a big fat acceptance letter from a good university!
  • Shim Changmin.
  • Brave Brothers finally realizing that his true calling is raising llamas in a small remote mountanous village in Argentina, not making autotuned pop songs
  • U-Kiss AJ going to Columbia. Me getting accepted into Columbia.
  • Having Rino Nakasone‘s dance skills
  • DB5K
  • Kim Hyun Joong not acting
  • Complete control over Greenland
  • That Stormageddon:Dark Lord of All being the new companion for Doctor Who season 7
  • To proofread English in K-Pop songs.
  • French pastries
  • A large K-pop concert in Portland or Seattle so I can actually go to a K-pop concert
  • For SM to start treating SNSD better and give them good songs, a better concept, and some rest
  • For SM to let me buy the rights to SHINee
  • A job
  • Free People dresses
  • Glittery shoes
  • A scarlet coat with a hood
  • The Legend of Zelda 3DS bundle


  • YG concert in NYC!
  •  A job
  •  For the SOPA bill to not pass in Congress… actually, while you’re at it Santa, can you reverse the decision on the NDAA bill as well?
  •  For Kang Ho-dong to come back to variety shows. Preferably on a Christmas special in a Santa suit.
  •  A pair of Sam Edelman Lorissa pumps (black)
  •  One of Sungmin‘s massages
  • To pass my finals.
  • Kang HoDong to come back! 1N2D isn’t the same without you!
  • Snow on Christmas!
  • Lee Seung-gi to serenade me.
  • Park Shi-hoo to propose to me.
  • SHINee to actually have a manly concept this year.
  • More solid bands/music concepts, I don’t need 15 more SNSD wannabe bands.
  • To win the lottery so I can have a mega shopping spree!
  • A sleigh ride with Yunho & Changmin
  • A new cell phone so that I can get Starcalls from SHINee
  • A million frequent flyer miles
  • A Rick Owens classic shearling jacket (as seen on Sooyoung)
  • An Ikea shopping spree
  • Ai Yazawa to get well so she can end NANA‘s hiatus.
  • BEG‘s Sixth Sense Album signed by all members with a Xmas letter addressed to me.
  • Rosetta Stone Korean Language Set
  • A YG Family Tour in 2012.
  • Vivienne Westwood Armour ring.
  • An affordable yet chic studio apartment.
  •  A sleigh ride with JYJ‘s Micky Yoochun.


  • ZE:A to tell me the days of the week.
  • Hyuna to buy a pair of pants.
  • 2NE1 to take some tranquilizers.
  • DBSK to get back together.
  • For Yunho to [insert Rated R action here]


  • For Chang Kiha, Dynamic Duo and Leessang to book a US tour.


  • My whole family home for Christmas
  • Signed albums of 2NE1 & Wonder Girl‘s latest work
  •  Taeyang  
  • An announcement of Taeyang’s solo comeback
  • Lee Ki-woo wrapped in a giant box suprising me with a new iPhone 4s [a girl can dream can’t she]


  • A YG Family Concert ANYWHERE in the US, although Honolulu would be GREAT
  • The return of the original Family Outing
  • Daesung‘s solo album
  • Big Bang & 2NE1 on Running Man
  • A new car
  • and last, but not least… World Peace

Happy Holidays, everybody!