The Eunjung-Jangwoo couple on We Got Married recently made heads turn with their authentic PDA on the show.

Lee Jangwoo planned a date with his waifu, Eunjung, who was suffering from a leg injury. The couple went to visit Imjingak’s windmills where they crafted their own windmills and wrote sincere letters to one another.

Eunjung eloquently expressed her sorrowful feelings in her letter, “I’m thankful and sorry that you worked so hard cooking for me and going to the nail shop with because I was injured. The beef [you made] was really delicious. Can’t you make it again?”  but Jangwoo assured, “I’m asking you a favor, please don’t get hurt. My heart is in pain because you’re in pain.”

Their passionate declarations to one another caused the studio panel to curl their toes at the intimacy of the moment.

Netizens commented, “oh, isn’t that a bit too much for a reality show?”, “It’s cute, I wish I had a husband like that!”, “Their love is so tragic!”, and “dat Eunjung”.

Check out the full segment of the couple below!

(MBC, Osen)