… when a CF highlights how you’re actually not a good dancer.

Infinite is well-known for their perfectly synchronized dancing. They practice constantly, going over their dance moves hundreds of times, proof-reading whatever mistakes there may be. Because of this, it’s easy to assume that all the members are fantastic dancers.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt4_6bQ_Vmk&w=560&h=315]

Fangirls be warned: Myung-soo is my husband. Subi has Yunho, Gil has AJ, and I have Myung-soo (and Bang Yong-guk and Tao and the rest of Infinite and…) He’s my ultimate bias in Infinite, followed by Dong-woo and Woo-hyun, and so he holds a special place in the K-pop section of my heart. But I still laughed. I laughed hard. Myung-soo, baby, I love you, but what was that? You didn’t start out too bad but once the body-rolls started it just got worse. You know what makes it even better? Hoya’s version:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y36eW1FkrU&w=560&h=315]

For all the non-fans of Infinite, Hoya has two modes: Ho-god and Ho-baby. He’s Ho-god whenever he’s onstage or dancing, like at the beginning of the commercial where we see him working this dance like a boss. But he becomes Ho-baby whenever he’s off-stage or acting like his usual, slightly oblivious, adorable self. You see that at the end of the video. What’s extra-amazing about Hoya’s version of the CF is how he completely owns Myung-soo’s version. How can Myung-soo’s version be so awkward when Hoya looks like a total beast in his version? The only conclusion I can come to is that Myung-soo should stick with choreographed, highly practiced, synchronized dancing. At least there he doesn’t look so silly. They should have given him Sung-jong‘s choreography.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1t82VU28t4&w=560&h=315]

Sung-jong is better known for dancing to girl groups’ dances than for being one of Infinite’s better dancers but the boy still has a natural flow to his body that makes him a pretty good dancer. His choreography is easier than Myung-soo’s, having no waves and just having some fast footwork. And, of course, Sung-jong is adorable while doing it. He’s always adorable, isn’t he? Myung-soo’s version = awkward, Hoya’s version = beast, and Sung-jong’s version = precious.

It’s funny to see how the most synchronized group in K-pop isn’t filled with fantastic dancers, just people that practice hard enough and work together well enough to come off as great dancers. These fabulous boys continue to be fabulous and even though Myung-soo is awkward dancing all by his lonesome, he’s still my favorite member. I love that dorky boy. Never change, Myung-soo! Keep calm and smolder on!

I can’t wait to see Dong-woo’s and Woo-hyun’s versions, seeing as they are the only members that have the closest chance to matching or, if possible, beating Hoya’s version. And Sung-gyu is going to contend with Myung-soo for the worst version. What do you think?

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