To say the least, these past couple of months have been a whirlwind in K-drama and I’m not talking TV shows. This year alone we’ve been riddled with epic comebacks, debuts and major scandals all in the span of two months. In this short time we’ve been able to see a more real side of K-pop that was rarely ever seen before. We have been amazed at the extreme ignorance of Teen Top’s C.A.P, shocked at the alleged actions of Yoochun and bewildered at the extreme insensitivity of Block B, but none of this seems to stop bad behavior from continuously occurring. The latest being directed towards Wonder Girl’s Yeeun.

When asked who his ideal type was soccer player Ki Sung-yong admitted to liking Yeeun. To this Kim Dong-wan replied, “Then looks must not be important to you.” I don’t know what would make him respond that way seeing as he is not even a comedian, not that it justifies it. I mean who is he to talk, the guy is… physically challenged. Yeah, that sounds better.  It’s not like I have this special place in my heart for idols, but seeing unmerited rudeness directed towards a person that’s undeserving of it gets me heated. I don’t know when it became cool to act like a jerk for the fun of it, but it seems to be something that is weirdly praised from time to time in K-pop or at least occasionally taken lightly. It’s referred to as being “charismatic.” Of course no one likes an absurdly arrogant jerks, but it always made me confused when such behaviors we’re praised on Korean TV. They often call it the 4D personality, and I’m not saying that’s what makes up all 4D idols/people, but there are a few.

Let me just state for the record, I like Kim Hyun-joong and Heechul, but sometimes their personalities can be a bit much. There are some things that shouldn’t be said, but they’ve crossed those boundaries a few times. Like when Hyun-joong told Jessica that her sister was much prettier than her I just cringed. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and they are free to say what they want, but there are times when common courtesy should kick in. What he said might have been true to him, but there are things better left unsaid. Heechul on the other hand is known to constantly keep people on the edge of their seats with his off the wall remarks, but it doesn’t stop there. It carries over into K-dramas. It always irked me how the guy in K-dramas who bullied and spoke down on the female lead was the one that always got her in the end. It always leaves me saying “What the? Why did you choose him?”

Bad behavior is nothing that’s new and it’s definitely not something that’s exclusive to males either. Both f(x)’s Sulli and Krystal have come under fire for their alleged rude behaviors, as well as T-ARA’s Jiyeon and countless others.

It’s understandable, occasionally. Idols/non-idols are human, and just like anyone else they’re bound to stick their foot in their mouths from time to time. My hope is that they learn from it and not make the same mistake twice. But please, if you’re going to say ignorant stuff, just go back to being mysterious because quite frankly it saves everyone from the oppa/unni-didn’t-mean-its and the impending heartaches attached.