There are so many female “rappers” in K-pop girl groups these days, it’s easy to forget the ladies that studied to be true, viable MCs, only to get stuck with 20 second breaks in the middle of all the songs. Ladies take note – you received a lesson from Tasha and now you’re getting a course from Miryo.

With fellow Brown-Eyed Girls members Narsha and Ga-In releasing their own work, it seemed a matter of time before JeA and Miryo split solo; and I have to say I’m very pleased it’s the latter coming up next. However, I will say that I will fully support a future JeA ballad album as well.

But on to the Head BEG In Charge, Miryo. She’s mentored other burgeoning rappers in the business, and clearly feels comfortable enough to take creative control of her own projects; word is that she co-produced all the tracks on her album and slipped into the roles of musical and creative director as well.

So guess who is responsible for the look and styling of these teaser photos?

That is the one thing that concerns me however – the picture with the shades is what I would expect of her slick, sophisticated style, but the other two – well, you can’t say she isn’t stepping out of the box.

Keeping in mind that I became a K-pop fan circa 2008, I don’t believe I’ve seen Miryo expose tons of skin very often. She definitely does not have an ultra-conservative stage style, but the overall new look has a startlingly feminine and girly feel. Miryo’s playfully (or seductively, depending on how you view it) biting a fingernail, and is in a closed stance with her head cocked and her arm behind her back in what I would call the patented, “young female rookie pose # 274658.”


However after viewing all three of Miryo’s MV teasers, it is clear that we are not getting light, bubbly fair in the least. The washed-out color scheme and somber scene of Miryo seeing herself in bed, possibly comatose, may imply a single with the depth of ‘Cleansing Cream.’ That scream at the end was a bit of a shock, but crazy person that I am, it just makes me want to see more.

I normally proceed with caution when idols break from their carefully crafted image to pursue a look or sound of “their own.” However, if there is anyone I could be less worried about it would be Miryo – she did create the concept herself, after all, and I doubt she would present herself in any way that endangers her identity as an artist. I was surprised and amused by how dark and quirky Narsha’s solo effort was, and Miryo has the experience and maturity to successfully project  her own unique image and sound. Despite some reservations, perhaps these imaginative pictures are a indication as to the unexpected offerings we should look for from when we finally hear from her February 1st. Are you excited for Miryo’s solo break-out session? Or are you the least bit cautious about this effort?

Note: At the time this article was written, only the teasers had been released. Stay tuned to Seoulbeats for further analysis of her solo material!