Remember wwaaaaaaayy back when the netizens jumped down Yoon Eun-hye’s throat for carrying a $5,300 MCM bag at the airport after the tweet about her ‘priceless bus ride’?

Well the magazine Next+One just released the MCM pictorial for which she traveled in the first place for. Yoon Eun-hye brings her signature sultry eyes and kissable lips to this MCM photo shoot. I’ve always adore how she can be so sensual without having to remove a single article of clothing. She is always effortlessly sexy, which is forever enviable.

This shot is smokin’ hot. Enough said. This black and white cut-out dress really showcases Yoon Eun-hye’s amazing body without looking vulgar. And combined with her over-the-shoulder-come-hither-gaze? Yow zah!


I love this look. This is something that I would definitely wear. This animal print blouse is fantastically chic. I love simple designs with fun prints, it’s a more youthful look and brings an edge to classic pieces. Dark wash jeans are always a must have item but what really had me up in the rafters are those shoes. These gorgeous lace-up boots are fantastic! I love everything about them: the electric blue laces, the bronze stud details, and cut-outs that show that tantalizing glimpse of skin… can you see my drool, people?

Unfortunately, this is my least favorite look of the batch. Those pants bear a high resemblance to discarded paint canvas. They are too busy and it takes away from the white blazer with the gold necklaces. I wasn’t a fan of the black clunky boots either. This whole ensemble just looked slap-dashed and just plain messy. Even Yoon Eun-hye’s expression seemed rather drowsy in this shot, would you like a coffee dear prince?

This look hovered just in the middle for me. I see too many miniskirts with sheer hose in real life that I don’t need to see it in a photo shoot either. It was such a boring backdrop when paired with the glittering sequin jacket. I think it’s one of those pieces that look much better in person instead of on film because you can see the play of lights on the sequins. Or maybe I’m just looking for interesting points in a rather lackluster shot.

What made this shoot interesting for me wasn’t the photos but what happened because she went to Hong Kong to take the photos. I was surprised at the reactions of netizens after the photo of her airport fashion was released. Sometimes it seems like the netizens are just looking for any excuse to attack these stars. One moment they heap praises on you and in the next, they’ll rip you to shreds. It’s their own special brand of “love”.

Side Note: The magazine also released some behind the scene photos. Check them out!



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