Only in K-Pop will boy bands dress in zebra pants and move their hips like that. Thank you K-Pop for entertaining me but the Dirty Eyed Girl’s version of Abracadabra made me laugh and go “WTF is going on?”

The video starts out with Seulong closing in on Chansung’s face and the camera cuts away to Dirty eyed Girls consisting of 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Seulong and 2PM’s Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Chansung. All are standing in various poses. I started cracking up at Taecyeon’s blowfish face and Wooyoung’s ponytail (looks familiar), Jo Kwon then unleashes his Kkab and starts crawling ‘seductively’ on ledges. Seulong then proceeds to ‘clean’ or in this case run his sponge up and down Jo Kwon. There are many more shenanigans that happen but you need to watch in order to appreciate the beauty of it all.

I cannot keep a straight face at all throughout the whole video. Everything was just horrendously perfect

The rap was hilarious.

Park Jaebeom is in Seattle.  Prince Nichkhun  is in Thailand.  Junsu is at Daegu and Junho, who?

The lyrics in general cracked me up, and it went with the concept of the Dirty Eyed Girls.  The outfits all looked like they were female apparel and blindly thrown together. I had a feeling that Taecyeon “Fashion Terrorist” OK was the stylist for this video, but upon further inspection he was not. And at the end, the Brown Eyed Girls made a surprise guest appearance, dancing along with the boys. Even our missing 2PM members made a cameo and Jay does fall at the end in horror.

This video truly was a WTF Moment but made me love One Day (2PM and 2Am) even more. The outifts, the lyrics, the choreography were all outrageous but the parody nevertheless made me laugh. And using this video I had shattered the beast image my best friend had of 2PM. I also suggest watching Wild Bunny, in which the making of this masterpiece is shown.