Amy and Subi discussed what ideal groups they would most want to be a part of and they both agreed on SHINee during last week’s podcast.  We decided to ask our team the same question — what idol group do you guys want to be a part of and what role would you like to fulfill? 

: I picked SHINee simply because they are BOSS at everything. They can sing, they can dance, they can do everything an idol should do and do it well. On top of that, they have some really fun songs with fun dances that I would LOVE to perform. And as to what role I would like to fulfill, while I might have said Key, the catch all member, I’m going to retract my statement.

I am a MUCH better rapper than Minho. Yeah, there I said it. I’ve got more flow than him and I would do that group as a whole so much more justice than Minho ever could. Am I as pretty as Minho? The jury is still out on this one but this group needs a legit rapper.  I could be that legit rapper.

Ree: Dude, EVERYONE is a better rapper than Minho. I actually wouldn’t mind joining SHINee either, since they’re so well rounded. But if I had to choose an idol group, I’d say After School. Because I am young, I still have a few years left till they sideline me. Also, their comebacks are always so badass. They put their all into it, they really do. And to be under the wing of Kahi is just an honour in itself, forreal.

Although I wish I could be Kahi, NO ONE can be Kahi. So instead I will take the place Bekah had, as the underappreciated rapper with the attitude. I wouldn’t mind being Lizzy either, since she’s so cute. You know, I’d choose to be a mesh of Bekah, Lizzy, and Nana. Also, since AS isn’t the most talented group around, if I fail to fulfill my role, I would not get as much flack. Haha.

Runner up for girl group I’d be in is Miss A. Because I LOVE their concept. It’s so ungimmicky, and it’s everything I’d want in a girlgroup. I love the productions of their songs, and as a group they’re also very well rounded. And, I’d want to be Jia. Because. She. Is. BOSS. She’s an amazing dancer, a good singer (her voice is my favourite after Fei’s), and her I actually like her rapping. If not Jia, then I’d want to be Fei :3

If I had to choose a male idol group I’d say DBSK, but I’d just mess up the already perfect dynamic, so instead it’s a toss up between 2AM/2PM and Super Junior.

I’d actually much rather be a part of 2AM over 2PM or SuJu. Since they are RIDICULOUS, SASSY AND AMAZING. But the issue is they’re a ballad group. And I want to move around performing, and although 2AM are pretty ridiculous when they do special stages, their promotional material is all ballads. I can’t handle that. Otherwise they’d be perfect.

Megan: As far as sheer fail in rapping goes, I think SNSD could give Minho a run for his money. SHINee does actually sound like a great group to be a part of. I don’t envy the stylists that SM gives them, but they sure get kickass choreography and nice ballads. I’d be the Key: competent at everything, bitchy, with wacky hair and a questionable sense of style. I’d also do a great job at landing the group in hot water all the time over questionable comments.

As far as girl groups go: Miss A, yes please. Jia is just the coolest gal, ever, and I’m her undying fangirl for life. Plus, the Miss A girls are so unfussy, they haven’t done any overly ridiculous concepts or been squeezed into lolita costumes. I’d like to be the Jia as well, the awesome chick. CL babe, I love you, but Jia is just more effortlessly badass.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind being a member of SNSD either. Lord knows they need a member that can bring the bitch attitude properly. Jessica has her “ice queen” thing, but girl ain’t putting her heart in it. She’s naturally a fluffy, pink sort of girl. They all are, as a matter of fact, except for perhaps Hyoyeon. I could be BFFs with Hyoyeon and be the “little girl with a big voice” in the group.

Nabeela: I would want to be CL from 2NE1. I love her attitude plus she’s got this unconventional bordering on controversial sense of style that i am just so jealous of. Performance wise, CL is a great vocalist as well a great rapper, and she has a commanding stage presence–you just have to look at her
Also if you watch her on 2NE1 TV and other YG related shows, she’s very down to earth and isnt afraid to front the cameras bare faced and in baggy clothing. She’s very confident in who she is and her talents, and i would kill to be her. I would also love to be Bom too, just because she’s so freakin hot, and I love her plastic fantastic face. There, i admit it.

Also also also, I wouldn’t mind being in f(x) just because their image really matches my own fashion sense. I think I would be Sulli, even though I have this love-hate relationship with her. But she’s very spunky on stage and I like that.

Madina: I’d vote for Sandara Park – that hair thingie’s gotta be worth something!

Johnelle: If I had any kind of singing or dancing talent at all I’d wanna be in the Brown Eyed Girls because they’re just bad ass, they know it, they do the music they want how they want, and don’t really care about what anyone else thinks.

Now if we’re talking boy bands and a covert girl posing as a boy operation, I’d want to have been in DBSK pre-break up because I think there would have been a lot of interesting secrets to have been found out there like: did YunJae really exist, how much porn did Changmin watch, how many girls did Yoochun go out with, and how did Junsu get that butt?

Fannie: For me, it’s a toss-up in between Miss A and 2NE1. Miss A because I like their style of being powerful, classy girls with some swag, and 2NE1 because I like their style of being powerful, swag-carrying girls with some class. See the pattern of my preference?

I love all the members in Miss A, but if I were to choose one to be, I would be Fei. Because she’s so freaking gorgeous (on top of being talented), and plus I’d get to be best friends with my badass girl-crush, Jia. I also feel that JYP is the company with the friendliest and most down-to-earth idols, and I may be in the minority on this one, but I even have a strange fondness for JYP himself and his troll-like ways. I take the fact that he’s more involved and interactive with his idols than other CEOs/heads to be a good thing. I also thought that the JYP Nation This Christmas MV put out last year takes the cake for being the most heartwarming thing ever.

As for 2NE1, even though I feel like their sound has been starting to stagnate lately, I love how these girls know how to perform on stage. And I mean, not just mouth some lines and do the choreography, but actually PERFORM and have fun and feed off the audience. I also would LOVE the perks of being in YG. Some really amazing stuff goes on in that company. And I like how every personality in YG is so unique and yet kind of awkward in their own endearing way. If I were to pick one member of 2NE1 to be I would be CL. I really admire not only her stage presence, but also her confidence in herself. Nothing can faze this girl or make her question her self-worth, and I think that’s a really important quality to have when you’re part of the entertainment industry.

Also — never would I want to be in group of more than 5 members.

How about you — which idol group would you want to be part of and why?