It has just been revealed that SNSD will be featuring none other than Snoop D-o-double g on their maxi-single “The Boys” for their U.S. release. It has also been reported that SNSD has signed a contract to be housed under Interscope Records for their American debut. The maxi-single will be released worldwide through iTunes on Dec.20th and officially on Dec.21st for a Korean release. The single will also feature Interscope’s rookie rapper Lil Play for the remix version.  Now that I’ve got the facts out of the way–let’s get down to the opinions.

A lot of people are already voicing their concern that Snoop Dogg’s inclusion will sex up SNSD’s pure image and make them the second coming of the Pussycat Dolls. They feel like his influence will turn SNSD into pot headed pimpstresses. Really? Let’s all come back down to reality. Maybe those people haven’t stumbled across Blush’s “Undivided” or Big Time Rush’s “Boyfriend.”  I can tell you for a fact that unless SNSD’s management wants that to happen–it won’t. Before the haters of all things west start making assumptions that Snoop will destroy this song, understand that the man has been in the industry for around 20 years and will only do what is appropriate for the single. So if SM wants the sexy image revved up, then expect his verses to only coincide with the image and song, but if they want it toned down, he will be able to adjust. Some people are also saying that his inclusion will mess up SNSD’s overall image, but they fail to realize that Snoop has an image to uphold as well. I honestly see any backlash hitting Snoop harder than it ever would for SNSD.

SNSD will need all the help they can get to promote their single because outside of K-pop communities they are relatively unknown to American audiences. Connecting Snoop’s name to their song will only help to increase publicity and interest for the group, but I honestly don’t know what to think of this strategy because I’m a bit confused as to which demographic SNSD is aiming to reach. Are they trying to reach the hip-hop community or teeny boppers? It really doesn’t fit either of them, so that might end up hindering their promotion strategy.

This can either turn out to be something amazing or … I just hope they switch up the arrangement of the song. The song seemed really bland especially when they hit the chorus and the bridge did nothing to help. If they can make the chorus livelier and squeeze some real rap in there the song has promise. Either Snoop will put his verses at the beginning of the song or where the girls’ rap bridge came in. Hopefully he can do both, but that would pose a problem for the group. If he puts it at the beginning it would take away Tiffany’s oh-so-lovable moan sounding “yeahs” and “you knows,” and if he replaces the bridge then basically half of the members get excluded from any significance in the song. Who am I kidding? He should definitely rap in both segments and save them the embarrassment. They will thank him later.

Let’s just hope SNSD can actually bring some boys out this time and release a different music video because Snoop doesn’t count.

So what are your thoughts on the collaboration? Will it be epic or just epic failure?

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