From the diamond-like glisten of snow under a streetlight to the starry gleam of electric lights strung around an evergreen, the holiday season inspires the dreamlike aspect of a wonderland glimmering within the darkness. To emulate that gossamer glow choose delicate fabrics like lace and chiffon that are as enchanting as they are wistful; perfectly capturing the season that evokes nostalgia and hope for new beginnings.

The Dress:

Inspired by the nightgowns in KARA’s “Winter Magic” MV, Rose’s chiffon dress ($35), with its tiered skirt and lace detail, captures both grace and innocence. Its slightly bellowing bell sleeves are reminiscent of a fairytale and display the wispiness of the fabric without being overwhelming or resembling a period costume. With its feminine and delicate characteristics, there is no doubt, why chiffon dresses are very popular in Korea this winter. Look for one that encompasses all these features subtly and does the fabric justice.

The Bottoms:

Also popular, are printed tights like Shy Shy’s rose print ($22) or dotted pattern tights ($15). Not only do they provide some level of warmth in the freezing weather but the woven design also brings another charming detail to the overall outfit by faintly tying in with the lace pattern of the dress. During selection, consider what type of shoe will be worn since this will affect the aesthetics of the outfit. The pattern may be more elaborate when wearing an ankle boot or bootie, and simple with a tall or knee-high boot depending on the amount of detail in the shoe.

 The Shoe:

In the original MV, Seungyeon and Gyuri wear high shafted boots like Holly Shoes’ genuine leather knee-high boots ($222) which are both popular in Japan and signature to KARA’s performance look. With its low heel and button detail, this boot is both comfortable and versatile. It can be worn with or without tights depending on personal preference. As popular in Korea this winter as in Japan, is the wedged ankle boot. Angel Love’s wedge boot($68) with its simple lace adornment and clean design provides just enough detail without disrupting the outfit’s balance. Wedged heels are also comfortable, and provide better footing when walking on slippery surfaces (like a slushy sidewalk) than a high-heeled shoe.

The Accessory:
Instead of simply coordinating with the outfit, accessories can be an outlet for extra detail.  A necklace like Giselle’s trio heart pendant($18) not only matches, but also is reminiscent of a childhood Christmas story in which the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes when he learns the true meaning of Christmas. Accessories are where you put your personal touch into the outfit and that can be whatever you chose to express. It can either become a point of fashion or act as another level of detail for overall look.

‘Tis the Season, so dress in delicate fabrics with enchanting detail fitting of a wintery wonderland.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our first Holiday K-pop inspired look book. Stay-tuned for tomorrow’s look book influenced by SM Town’s 2011 Winter album.