Kim Hyun Joong just released his 2nd album, “Lucky.” Unlike the powerful image he pursued in his 1st solo album, he took a step back from the bad boy image and went forward with dandy boy gambler style.

The album contains 5 songs:

1. Do You Like That
2. Lucky Guy
3. Smile
4. I’m Your Man
5. U

Just like the 1st solo album, he continued to contribute his thoughts and ideas to his album and made the album in his own style. His title song, “Lucky Guy” is similar to an up-tempo American punk rock song and contain a lot of instruments bringing funk to the music. The song also contains the phrase “shake it” which is the most frequent phrase used in K-pop for no reason whatsoever, but the song’s actually not that bad.

Overall, the mini isn’t bad, but the point of Kim Hyun Joong isn’t his music. Let’s face it. So instead, let’s focus on Kim Hyun Joong as an artist.

I’m a big fan. Since the debut of SS501, I always knew he was the eye candy member of the group like Yoona in SNSD and Dara in 2ne1. He definitely stood out the most out of the other members and he showed his weak vocal skills confirming his purpose in the group is to just look pretty. I never had a “thing” for SS501 even though the members had far better vocal skills than the other K-Pop artist, because something about them never really clicked for me.

To be honest, they still don’t. But, my interest for SS501 began — like for many others — when Kim Hyun Joong appeared on the variety program, “We Got Married.” Compared to other couples, Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong was the spotlight of the show. Through the program, he became known for his super competitiveness over just about anything and his bizarre personality. Soon, I was going crazy over him.

But, I do want to point out that I’m a fan of his looks and personality, but not his singing career. Let’s face it, he isn’t the best vocalist out there and I’m pretty sure we can all agree to this. So when I heard that he was coming out with his 1st solo album, I was very doubtful of how successful the album would be. I didn’t get my hopes up and I was right. He focused more on the performing part rather than the actual song and he earned the fame by his SUPER hot looks that made audiences unable to look the other way. So, what now? After only few months of releasing the 1st solo album, he has released another album. Where is the fire? Isn’t it too early for another album?

At least, that’s what I thought! After listening to the new album, I do have the positive feeling that he is slowly working his way to the top. I know it’s easy for Kim Hyun Joong to take home the trophy of number one picked song by netizens in a heartbeat, but I never thought it was because of his music. All the past awards he received were simply because of his looks and there’s no shame in admitting that. What’s so bad about looking attractive? And, if it’s helping his career, it’s definitely a plus. But all this is about to change. His songs are actually good.

What do you guys think of Hyun Joong’s comeback?