Can I just start off by saying that if anyone tries to say lady G.NA only has a banging body going for her, I will punch them through the computer screen. Because although G.NA received attention for all the wrong (right) reasons; her legs, her D-cups, her whatever-it-is-you-dudes-love-so-much, she has a fantabulous voice. And I mean, her voice is fantastic. She’s a great singer, and she has an absolutely sweet personality as well. She’s almost a perfect soloist. And as with the other two acts mentioned above, at first it really looked like Cube was going towards the right direction concerning her. Do we all remember the blonde G.NA with her silver extensions and her debut EP ‘Draw G’s First Breath‘? Which spawned G.NA’s best single to date, the emotional, and powerful, RnB ballad ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better’ Even me, someone who just doesn’t dig ballads at all, was enamoured by it. So basically, when G.NA debuted, it looked like she had an amazing career ahead of her.

I feel like people give Cube too much credit these days, because B2ST turned out to be one of the best new acts around. Are they forgetting the hot mess that is 4Minute (more emphasis on mess than hot), the lacklustre rookie group that is A-Pink, the fact they let Hyuna debut as a soloist, and that they left G.NA with the bubblegum of a lead single that was ‘Black and White‘? And if that wasn’t bad enough, her next lead single was even more bubblegum, ‘Top Girl‘. Look I admit to repeating ‘Top Girl‘ and ‘Black and White‘ forever and ever, heck, I admit to liking them (and alright, Jinwoon and G.NA do look cute together *grumble*). But the problem with them is, although I’m okay with them as songs, I’m not okay with them as songs from my G.NA.

G.NA isn’t a top girl! G.NA is a woman scorned! I feel like Cube gave her these songs in order for G.NA to emanate a more sexy image. And by ‘sexy’ image, I feel like they’re trying to portray her as that bubbly, air headed, girly girl that all the guys want to screw. I find this offensive. Why are they degrading her musical capability for it? Why the heck does Hyuna get to have hardcore stuff like ‘Change‘, while G.NA- the vocally talented 24 year old soloist- gets bubblegum pop. If I had G.NA under my belt, I’d pretty much make her my agency’s golden girl, I’d have her performing songs like this. And if Cube doesn’t sharpen up when it comes to her, I’d much rather G.NA find another agency that will give her suitable material.