When Jung Ryu Won’s paparazzi shot hit the cyberspace on August 15th, many netizens commented that the actress may be suffering from anorexia.  Despite the positive comments about her figure, rumors about Jung’s eating disorder spread enough to trigger the actress to state that she loves consuming meat and that she does not have an eating disorder during her interview.  Her upcoming movie Pain co-star, Kwon Sang Woo even added that Jung eats a lot but doesn’t gain any weight.

Speculations about Jung Ryu Won’s eating disorder isn’t anything new and she has tried to set the fact many times.  However, her words doesn’t seem to stick with stubborn netizens who will believe whatever they feel and think is right.   After seeing Jung Ryu Won’s latest interview, I wonder if there is any point in trying to explain herself anymore.  She will have to go through this every time another “too skinny” picture is released and the netizens will believe whatever they want to.

As a rule of thumb, Korean entertainers do not and can not piss off the netizens.  However, shouldn’t it be okay for the stars to just ignore stupid comments from netizens and critics (myself included) and just carry on with their lives at some point?  Or are they obligated to listen to and comply with our opinions because we play the role of the fans, who allow them to have a career?  What do you think?  Is Jung Ryu Won Anorexic or are netizens overreacting again because they are jealous?

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