It’s official.  Drama City Hunter co-stars, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young confirmed that they are an item.  The two were long time acquaintances and the drama played a significant role bringing them closer together, which naturally became more serious once the crazy live-shooting schedule ended.  Although these two stars lacked chemistry on-screen, I guess it was enough for them to start dating.

Although I”m sad to see  my City Hunter crush, Lee Min Ho, coupled up, it’s great to witness Korean celebrities finally opening up about their relationship, as we recently saw with the idol couple KARA‘s Goo Hara (21) and BEAST’s rapper Yong Jun-hyung (23).  Good thing that I now have a new drama crush, Ji Sung of Protect the Boss.  

How do you feel about Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s latest relationship statuses?  Are you happy for them or are you upset or at least a little hurt by this new piece of news?

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