Super Junior’s resident jokester Shin Dong tweeted about his plastic surgery this morning, which is making headline news.  Although it did get buried a little by Kim Hee Chul’s enlistment news, netizens are reacting to this piece of news in various ways.

The media is also buzzing about Shin dong’s latest tweet and comparing his before and after pictures.  However, am I the only one who thinks it’s  rather sad that Shin Dong had to tweet about his plastic surgery for others to notice?  I understand that Shin Dong is content with his newly slimmer figure, but his latest tweet alluding to his figure and double eye-lid surgery appears a bit desperate.  Hopefully with Hee Chul out of the way, Shin Dong will a little more attention from the ELFs.

Do you like Shin Dong’s new look or did you hardly notice the change?