Dal Shabet must be really lacking fashion inspiration for their new song, Bling Bling, for them to turn to Flinstones for fashion advice.  The forgettable ladies are now sporting “Magic Pants”, inspired by the disco 80s to make an impression.

I get that this group must do everything in their power to differentiate themselves, but donning ugly clothes isn’t the appropriate strategy to build awareness or grow your fanbase, especially when you are turning to Flintstones for fashion advice.

Some are predicting that “Magic Pants” will become the next fashion sensation in Korea.  I’m sure that the reporters are just paying lip service but just the thought of streets of Korea being flooded by “Magic Pants” gives me the goosebumps.

What do you think of Dal Shabet’s new “Magic Pants” and do you see it becoming the next “it” item in Seoul?

(sports chosun)