Rainbow is promoting a new single from their repackaged album, entitled ‘Sweet Dreams.’ It has a new MV with it, and while I will admit the aforementioned song is……….please let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Rainbow revealed the music video for “Sweet Dreams,” the title track for the repackaged version of their second mini-album, “To Me.”

Rainbow had their last stage for “To Me” on the last weekend of May, but we will see them back on stage on Thursday, June 23rd on Mnet‘s M! Countdown as they start promotions for “Sweet Dreams.”
And now….

I have a love-hate relationship with Rainbow. First impressions certainly did  assist with that. The music videos aren’t bad overall, but I prefer to watch my k-pop live; they might as well be mannequins for all the life they give them. I really liked “To Me” but without the MV prettiness and storyline when I first saw them perform this it fell flat.

The costumes and choreography  just scream “generic group” however there are distinct personalities there, beyond the different hairstyles. Say what you want about Miss A or 2NE1, but they bring energy and creativity to their MVs and performances, as different from each other as they may be. This is just one little Kpop fan’s opinion but I hate the choreography for “To Me.”

Again ‘Sweet Dreams’ has a decent showing, showcasing each girl and allowing them to show personality but how DSP will transfer that to the stage remains. Remember the ‘A’  “ab dance” controversy? Sometimes showing skin isn’t enough.