If you’re a 2NE1 fan, here’s the chance of a lifetime.  Make a cover of the group’s new song “Lonely,” post it on YouTube, add a link to it on 2NE1’s Facebook Page, and you (or your group/team) could win an all expenses paid trip (well airfare and accommodations) to Korea to attend 2NE1’s first solo concert and get a tour of YG Entertainment headquarters.  Here’s the 411:

Come on SBers, I know you have it in you (I remember how awesome our dance competition entries were).  If I had any kind of talent other than sharing some witty discourse with y’all (*crickets* ah cold guys), I would DEFINITELY be submitting an entry (hmmm, I did play a pretty mean clarinet in high school though).  In the words of CL, “You ain’t in the game, you just cheerleaders.” So don’t be left on the sidelines- get in the game!  You guys have a little over a month to come up with something fantastical!  Good Luck and Fighting!  For more information about the contest, check out 2NE1’s FB page (there are already tons of responses) or here.

ps.  If by chance one of y’all should win could you get me an autograph from 2NE1? Big Bang‘s would be nice too if in case they’re hanging around the YGE building.  Thanks.