Or, the “Juliette 2.0” PV. Ugh. *shudder*

SHINee is gearing up for their Japanese debut, now set for June 22nd, and will be debuting with a Japanese version of their Korean debut song, “Replay.” But it looks like they won’t be fawning over the noonas (onee-chans?) this time, as the song is underscored with the subtitle, “You Are My Everything.”

Kings of originality, those SM folks.

Anyway, check out the PV teaser below. It seems to look like the lovechild of SHINee’s old “Replay” and “Juliette” MVs, which seems like an unlikely combo considering the GLIMMERING PERFECTION of the “Replay” MV and the color vomit WTFery of the “Juliette” MV. But they make it work. It also helps that they’re looking a bit older and Onew’s smile at 0:03 just slays me. Slays. Me.