It has been reported that 4minute Gayoon‘s ankles are thinner than that of most people! Stop the presses, everyone; stop the presses!

Netizens have been abuzz about Gayoon’s skinny ankles (really, world? Really?). Evidently, 4minute members Sohyun and Jiyoon caught wind of the gossip and decided to see for themselves Gayoon’s amazing “nano-ankles,” as they’ve been dubbed by netizens.

Hello~ Everyone keeps saying ‘nano ankles’ this and ‘nano ankles’ that so I got curious. So with Ji-unit unnie’s help, I secretly got a picture of Gayoon unnie while she was sleeping!! It’s really amazing, isn’t it? But…it really is thin TT_TT

Now who just tried to see if their fingers could wrap all the way around their own ankles? Congratulations; you look like an idiot. Now back to our regular programming.