I’m sure everyone has heard of the “idol curse” where idol groups tend to disband after 5 years. Not many groups are able to last for more than this amount of time, and all for different reasons, such as member disputes, issues with the company, conflicting music styles etc. But Big Bang, fortunately, has extended their contracts with YG Entertainment for yet another 5 years!

Moreover, Big Bang will be attempting to strip off their idol image for a more developed and unique music style. It’s all part of their goal to carve a name for themselves as artistes in the music industry, rather than just another boy band.

YG’s papa boss Yang Hyun Suk revealed that the boys “have promised to work even harder in order to be recognized as artists rather than idols.” Big Bang has always stood out from the crowd with their self-composed music (kudos to G-dragon) and charismatic stage performances, so fans are all pumped up to see what else the group has to offer.

To me, Big Bang is already the least idol-like band out there. Sure, at the very core, they can be considered an idol group, with their fanbase and everything, but their style of music is so different from the typical manufactured pop music other bands seem to be churning out. Plus they rarely go on variety shows, while it seems to be a requirement for idols to appear excessively on such promotional gimmicks. Honestly, it’s a surprise how Big Bang can reach their popularity today without conforming to the usual Kpop idol image-and that’s a good thing, for sure!

OSEN via Nate, ibigbang