Though the KPOP industry breeds our beloved idols like rabbits at the expense of their freedom and sanity, the very companies at the center of controversy with regards to their treatment of other people are lending a hand to people who need it the most–the people of Japan.

Several companies have donated large sums of money to Japanese relief efforts. YG Entertainment donated USD $500,000, SM Entertainment donated USD $1,000,000, and JYP Entertainment is preparing to donate. There has been a lot of talk the internet over how legitimate these efforts are and how much a specific company should have given. The citizens of the internet have been throwing accusations of publicity stunts and creating a competition as to which company donated more and how that reflects on the fantastically elasticness of the company.

Please don’t belittle this tragedy by concentrating on these petty, insignificant issues. Be happy that people are helping and take the initiative to help as well.