The maknae of SS501 (who are technically still together, but separate- go figure), Kim Hyung-jun has just released his solo mini album My Girl. The mini album has seven tracks on it: 01. Angel (Feat. E-Tribe), 02. oH! aH!, 03. Girl, 04. 다른 여자 말고 너(Feat. DOK2), 05. Heaven, and the instrumentals of the of the songs 06. oH aH (Inst.), 07. Girl (Inst.).  The mini album and the MV for the song “Girl” were released on the 8th, check out the MV here.

What is up with the man skirts/kilts in Kpop nowadays?  Anyways, back to the song.  “Girl” is a nice little Kpop dance track, the beat is definitely club worthy and Hyung-jun sounds decent on vocals.  Nothing special about the MV, but it is shot well and the choreo is tight.  The song “oH! aH!” is listed as the title track of the album, so I’m anticipating an MV for that song too.

I’m a fan of SS501, so I’m glad to see that the members are being successful in their solo endeavors.  With Jung-min‘s great solo debut “Not Alone” and now Hyung-jun’s “Girl,” I can’t wait to see what Kyu-jong, Young-saeng, and Hyun-Joong have in store for us next..