Now that he’s safely in the Korean Marines (In this case, “safe” means ‘out of the reach of fangirls’), the news is out that Hyun Bin and his long-time girlfriend, Song Hye-gyo, have broken up amicably. My initial response upon hearing the news was: “He had a girlfriend?” Evidently, yes, but no longer. I guess that means we can feel free to send him lots of letters declaring our undying love! (And by “we”, I mean “you.”  I’ll save my letters of undying love for when Si-won is serving his two years.)

And, while we wait for him to finish, there’s lots to do! You can:

a. memorize Secret Garden, My Name is Kim Sam-soon, and every other Hyun Bin role you can find,

b. improve your Korean so that those daydream-dates aren’t plagued by poor communication,

c. faithfully rotate your favorite Hyun Bin pictures on your desktop background,

d. just be lazy and wait a couple years for him to return.