This is what it looks like:

Just kidding. THIS is actually what it looks like:

Seeing as how I love both Big Bang and their idol hoobaes Teen Top, this meeting between the teens and their idol role models T.O.P. and G-Dragon is completely endearing. Although the boys all met backstage a few weeks ago at the taping of M!net Countdown, seeing the reactions in photo is priceless.

For some reason, I would have automatically assumed that TOP and G-Dragon would be “too cool for school” to 1) chill in matching leisure wear, and 2) meet all their younger competition and let them in their dressing room…so this actually took me by complete surprise since everyone looks sincerely happy to meet one another. I love that Ricky gives GD a copy of the “Transform” album and the formality in GD and L.Joe’s handshakes. Also, how cute are the matching GD-TOP sweatsuits?!! C’mon! Gah, what I wouldn’t give to roam the back halls of these KPOP music shows…and can we get a G-Teen-T.O.P. special stage, please?!!!

If only Taeyang had been there- Changjo would have been completely star-struck too as he has mentioned in the past:

( Changjo) “I began dancing only in fifth  grade, before it I never danced once. Because I gained interest in  dancing, I kept on dancing so I eventually dreamed of being a singer. I  began to want wholeheartedly to become a singer in the first year of middle  school. I admire Big Bang’s Taeyang sunbaenim because he has this  ability of expressing the dance on stage.”

I’m not kidding about that joint stage either- I think Teen Top are cool enough to kick it on stage (and learn a thing or two!) from their Big Bang sunbaes.
Yes? No?