These 9 girls have one of the most sought-after bodies in K-pop, with their long skinny legs and small waists, while ordinary girls like you and I sigh in part admiration, part jealousy. But now,  we have the secret formula to achieving the slender, drool-worthy figures of SNSD!

SNSD’s trainer Kim Ji Hoon went on SBS’s Lunar New Year special, “Star, What Are You Doing?” which aired on the 3rd of February. On the show, he revealed, “Before an important broadcast or concert, SNSD fixes their calorie intake to 1,500 kcal. They eat seasonal vegetables and 5 pieces of broccoli, 100g of grilled chicken breast, and 150g of brown rice, amongst other foods.”

Although this diet sounds incredibly bleak and tormenting, the trainer assured viewers that on normal occasions, the girls get to enjoy their snacks and junk food. Are you kidding me? I snack on junk food every day!

Honestly, I’ve been making the same New Year resolution to lose weight every single year, but my weighing scale constantly indicates that I have gained weight instead. I mean, fine, I admit I have been inhaling pizza and chips instead of veggie and lean meat like the 9 goddesses, but we’re humans! We need to eat! It simply doesn’t make sense to live on grass when there are CHOCOLATES and FRIES out there.

Oh well. It’s a tough uphill battle against lipids, and I certainly hope SNSD has better self-control than my gluttony self. At least it seems like they aren’t anorexic or starving themselves-now that would be a big problem indeed!

MK kr, Soshified,