Whether they are home in Korea or at home abroad with their families, alone in their idol dorms, or even working like crazy (as many of them are!), here’s hoping that all of our favorite idols are spending some time this Lunar New Year holiday doing something they love-whether it be traveling and vacationing, relaxing with family and friends, or participating in extra TV specials or musical concerts and promotions. Thanks for all of your hard work and may this next year be prosperous for you and may we, the fans, all be entertained by the fruits of your labor!

Now…onto all the cute idols and idolettes in their humblest bows and hanboks!!


I think I much prefer these hanboks over their pleatheriffic outfits of the past…


Real male idols aren’t afraid to wear pink and purple! I like the rainbow of colors here…although, with infinite possibilities, I think they could have been more creative!


So BEAST? More like, so CUTE! I love that they all look genuinely happy. ^_^

Wonder Girls

I’m glad the girls are still able to get some good Korean eats (and actually surprised that they are allowed to eat more than cucumber slices!) and found the time to tweet a pic and greeting from the US. Now, if only they could put out a new album soon!

Big Bang's Seungri

Joseon’s VVIP?? Great accessorizer, Big Bang’s maknae.

C.N. Blue's Minhyuk and Jungshin

Deepest bow goes to the boys of CN Blue. As much as I would have loved to see their smiling faces, their humility (no fancy clothes and on hard wood floor!) warms my heart.


4-minute? Or 1 genuinely happy girl and 4 others? I do like that their hanboks seem to have taken a more modern twist with the fabrics though…even if they may not like them.


Everybody say YA-YA-YA-YA!

Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee

I’m not watching “Paradise Ranch”, but these two look really good together and make me want to start…

Kim Soo Hyun

SAM DONG! Why are you so adorable? This hanbok looks so natural on him too!

SUJU's Shindong and Yesung

Shindong and Yesung tweeted a picture of themselves. Honestly, if I hadn’t known that was Shindong, I would’ve thought that was Yesung with some ahjumma. WHAT IS WITH THE HAIR??? (The pink vest doesn’t help either.)


The gals of SECRET went a little more scandalous route with the short hanbok- I think it fits their young and cutesy style to a tee.

F.T. Island

I love these 5 treasures. And they love me back, apparently.

Dara and Thunder

Aww sibling portrait. BUT! What is with the bad hair on the both of them?!! Killing me…


I’ve always loved Jungmin’s smile, but why does he look so gaunt?!! Going solo must be tough…FIGHTING!


So…5dolls are technically the 4 girls from CO-ED and some other chick. I’m not too familiar with them…anyone?

Dal Shabet

I always think of sherbet when I see Dal Shabet. It is quite appropriate, then, that they are wearing sherbert-inspired hanboks. Of all the female idols, I think these are my favorite hanboks!

Happy Lunar New Year to all the SB readers celebrating it!

PS. No bunnies were harmed in the photo of Jaejoong used for the title’s featured image. And he wasn’t dressed up to celebrate the year of the rabbit, but hey- it’s Jaejoong with bunny ears!