Last weekend, BEAST held a set of concerts, entitled “Welcome Back to BEAST Airline.” It was a fun concert with a lot of fanservice, flashing of 6-packs, dancing, singing, and Lee Ki-kwang throwing his shirt to the girls. (Yes, the one he is NOT wearing in the above picture. I TOTALLY had a grip on it, but I decided to let the other 5-6 girls duke it out without me… I wonder if they laugh about that stuff to each other – “Dude, did you see those chicks fighting over my shirt?!?! SO FUNNY!”)

I loved the fun and games, but I was blown away by the expression of fan generosity outside of Olympic Park Stadium:

I did a bit of investigating and added up all the rice donated – 3,030 kg, or 2.17 tons. WOW. The rice will be donated to feed undernourished children.

I love BEAST (especially Yo-seob).

(Daum, SexyJang)