Was the Adam Couple real? We may never know. What we do know is that We Got Married is not the same without the petite couple. WGM may be in trouble, this past week it received its lowest viewer rating ever, 8.8%. To us this number may seem insignificant, but MBC needs to find a  solution quickly to keep the ratings up if the show is to continue.  It will be difficult for MBC to find another couple that has as much chemistry and hilarity as the Adam couple.  The show’s biggest competition right now is the up-and-coming 100 out of 100 which saw a 4.7% increase in it’s ratings in the same time slot.

In contrast to the current, cute, happy-go-lucky couples, the Adam couple had their ups and downs and were extremely real. Ga-in and Jokwon’s personalities complimented each other well and made us all think about our own ideal relationships (or was it only me). Don’t we all want someone to bicker and flirt and argue with, but at the end of the day still feel crazy about? No?  Okay, only me again.