G-Dragon and T.O.P. have finally put on a performance of their song “Don’t Go Home” on SBSInkigayo. Watch it here:

I literally watched that performance nine times. I have been anticipating the performance for weeks and I was not disappointed. I finally could look at their hairstyles without rolling my eyes, and although the miserable white/purple dye is still infecting TOP’s head,  I do love the way it was styled. Very classic. The clothes were colorful enough for my mother to ask me if they were some circus act. She was completely serious.

Lighthearted and fun, the performance had me smiling the whole time. The choreography wasn’t amazing, but what can we expect? They aren’t Taeyang. It was filled with lots of aegyo; something we don’t really see often from GD or T.O.P. Ironically, it was extremely refreshing. The main backup dancer received two kisses from GD. My new dream job is to be a YG backup dancer. A kiss from Taeyang, a kiss from GD, a kiss from T.O.P…  My favorite part of the performance? At 2:59, T.O.P.’s shoulder shimmy is so adorable and if anyone sees a gif of that, please post the link in the comments. I hope to see more performances of this song in future music shows, even though its banned on MBC.