Much of my current jolly sentiment is due in large part to the teasing of sextet Teen Top‘s impending comeback and the trio of teasers they have released for their single “SUPA LUV” starring SHINHWA‘s super sexy Eric Mun. These newbies and this veteran sure have got teasing down…just the way I like it.

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

Teaser 3:

Although I hate the stylized bowl haircuts (and silver wigs!!!) on all the members (why??!! Wasn’t it bad enough when Ricky had it– why did you have to put one on my beautiful L.Joe??!! And dye it too?? THE. HORROR.), I do like the futuristic theme and concept of the MV.  All the sets and styling (except the hair) look very well thought-out and done. Though a blatant rip of the “Tron Legacy” logo, their new logo looks good too (plus, I LOVED “Tron” so no complaints here-I appreciate the nod). Also, points to Andy, Teen Top’s founder, to call in a favor with his SHINHWA hyung Eric to up the interest factor for KPOP noonas not willing to toe the line of pedonoona. I had long been looking forward to my favorite underaged idols’ comeback, and the teasers and promotional photos so far do not disappoint. Consider me one happy noona as the boys officially come back on the 13th. Happy 2011…to me!

(Teen Top Official Website)