SISTAR’s new concept may just be too hot to handle- even before it’s officially out and they perform.

First off, their comeback photos were leaked. Bummer. (Not that the photos are all that exciting, imo.)

Then, soon after their full MV for “How Dare You” was released, it was swiftly banned from public broadcast due to the graphic nature of the pole dance featured in the video.

And that’s not all- KBS has also banned the song and MV due to its lyrical content which the broadcast station deemed “demeaning”.

With their comeback pushed back a week due to the North Korean aggression last week, it seems like SISTAR is facing a mountain of trouble…I blame it on the stripper poles. I mean, we all saw this coming, right? But still, censorship much? It’s not like the MV or lyrics are that much more graphic or demeaning than any other KPOP song…amirite?! And really, the MV isn’t even sexy merely sexualized, perhaps? I prefer their previous looks much more, so I think this will all be solved if they get rid of their poles and perhaps edit their lyrics a bit. I’d appreciate some cuter clothes (those pleather lace-up platform boots are so fug), but that’s just me.

Anyway, here’s to a successful SISTAR comeback…their first stage is on tomorrow’s Music Bank.