The “Don’t Stop the Music” by Fiore, Yamaha CF version MV has just been released by 2NE1 via their YouTube channel.  The long version of the CF shows the girls rocking out to the beat on various sets with the the Fiore scooters showcased strategically throughout the MV.  Check it out.

The Yamaha Fiore is a newly designed scooter for Yamaha Thailand whose cute, chic and stylish design is geared towards women.  2NE1 were selected to be the spokesmodels for the scooters and the song “Don’t Stop the Music” will be used in the CFs for the scooter.

I’m kind of undecided on whether or not I care for the song.  I like the groovable drum beat in the song, but the autotune, oh the autotune, it grates on my ears.  The MV is light hearted and fun, but not very original although I did like the lego set.