In random news of the day:

  • MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon shares not only his new hair color and that he is secretly in a relationship with SHINee‘s Onew, but also that he has a Mister Rogers cardigan and is actually a creepy (read: pervy) ahjussi on the inside-all with merely one photo post on his Cyworld. (absolutemblaq)

The bubble reads: "date with onew… kekekekekekekeke"

  • In other potential creepster news, some old photos of Song Joong Ki are raising eyebrows. Apparently the stills are from a self-made CF where Joong Ki buys underwear for his mother (which I think is more than just a little weird, but hey- that’s just me) and roses for his girlfriend but somehow hilariously switches the two gifts/recipients. (nate)

  • And in other Joong Ki news, he has recently also landed a huge CF deal for Microsoft’s XBOX 360’s Kinect controller-free system. This has been a really good year for him, hasn’t it? Although I admit, he could probably sell me anything and I’d fork over the money…(omonatheydidnt)
  • If you’ve ever wondered what a Kpopstarlet would look like pregnant (all you Amber theorists!!!) here’s your chance! After School Lee Jooyeon, who recently debuted her acting skills, will also be displaying a big round baby belly on KBS 2TV’s daily drama “Smile, Donghae.” (ningin)

  • Finally, for the most random news-worthy bit of the day: Yoochun actually has a small head contrary to what we’ve all believed?? You don’t say?!! (I’ll take whatever story so long as I can see my favorite SKKS threesome all together! The photo was taken before the JYJ concert last week, fyi.) (asiae)