My favorite Superstar K2 contestant Jang Jae-in appears on the Athena OST with the song “Please.”  With the Kdrama raking in huge viewer ratings with it’s debut last week, having a song on the OST is a big deal for a rookie.  In the song, Jae-in’s unique voice goes from soft tones to full on wailing in a pleading love ballad.  The MV features scenes from the drama with a love triangle between the characters of Jung Woo-sung, Cha Seung-won, and Lee Ji-ah including some steamy scenes from the latter two, check it out.

In my eyes, Jae-in can do no wrong and this song just soars.  Her vocals just drip with emotion and she sounds great in it, I just might have to buy myself the Athena OST.

(TVDaily, TonyKPOPMV)