A few of the random KPOP videos you might have missed this week.

  • Before they were banned from showing off their sexy dance skillz, SISTAR did, in fact, practice on the pole. A video of Bora working the stripper-ahem-I mean dance pole has leaked through the interwebz.
  • Gosh, I wish they had stuck to the concept (and it does look like the girls really hit the pole!! Did you see those spins??!). Anyway, it’s much more interesting than their snoozefest stages. (Ok, their stages are just fine- I just hate their outfits/styling!!) (omonatheydidnt)

  • In their Winter-appropriate Cass Beer CF, the beastly boys of 2PM threw what looks to be a raging ski-lodge beerfest. I wonder if this is how they’ll ring in the new year?? If so, COUNT ME IN!
  • C’mon Khun-you speak fluent English and still thought that saying “fresh Christmas” sounded cool?? Facepalm. (youtube)

  • Also, in sort-of 2PM-related news, ex-leadja Jay Park donated 100 down coats to the staff of SidusHQ for Christmas. (newsen via nate)
  • For those f(x) fans and Amber theorists: the “Amber Alert” has been lowered to code yellow? Although she still has not been seen promoting with her fellow group members in the ROK, she has been spotted dancing in a California studio! Looks like someone (she’s in the first group of dancers wearing all black) is no longer injured…or pregnant. (youtube, omonatheydidnt)

  • The mega-idol drama from KBS2 and helmed by the great Bae Yong Joon and JYP, is facing a number of woes due to the hectic schedules of their all-star idol cast. Juggling the schedules of 2PM‘s WooYoung and Taecyeon, T-ara‘s Eun Jung, IU, miss A‘s Suzi, and Joo not to mention their famous cameos’ and all the other cast members’, must be no easy feat. Anywho, here’s another teaser (translated this time!) for those of you who didn’t catch it. (joong ang ilbo, dkpopnews)
  • Lastly, YG Entertainment has created a YGConcert Youtube page for more YG goodness! And I say, hallelujah. I can always use some more T.O.P. (and all the other YGE artists!), natch. Honestly, though, I think it is a FANTASTIC idea to give us international fans access to high quality concert footage.  If only all the other companies followed suit… (ningin, ygconcert)