In their debut on the Countdown, rookie idol rock band LED Apple perform their remake of Baek Ji-young‘s song “Dash.” I guess they’re kind of glam rockerish, but the weird dancing by the vocalist and rapper seemed odd to me. Usually, rock bands don’t dance- it was like battling concepts on stage. Maybe it’s just me, I’m a PC anyways.

Girl’s Day come on strong with their all black leather looks and their new song “Nothing Lasts Forever.” The song and performance was okay, and the vocals were at times bad and at other times brilliant. In this Kpop world with a plethora of girl groups, their careers might not last forever

I will say that I think Nine Muses have improved in their singing and performing, but I believe the most telling thing of how good they are as a Kpop group is the fan chanting during their performance of “Ladies.”  All male voices and absolutely no ladies cheering for you.

The soulful duo of V.O.S. make a comeback to say goodbye due to Choi Hyun-joon‘s upcoming enlistment. After his farewell brief message to fans, V.O.S. performed their new song “Because You Flow Through Me” off of their newly released mini album Memory.

I’m not familiar with her, but Esther gave a great performance.  She has a strong soulful voice and knows how to own a stage.

Superstar K2 winner Heo Gak debuts on the Countdown with his song “Always.”  It’s a great performance from Heo Gak, he has a clear strong voice and his win on the show was definitely deserved.

The top 11 of Superstar K2 come together to perform “The Dreamers.”  It was a cute performance, but the 11 could use a little more help in the choreography department.

Rainbow said goodbye on the Countdown with performances of “A” and “Mach.”  PSY beat out 2AM for the Countdown win, but Papa YG has already blocked all videos of his performances so sorry no vid to show.  Other performances on the Countdown included: CO-ED, 2AM, Kan Jong WookSG Wannabe, PSY, VNT, and U-KISS.