JYJ continues to “gift” their fans through their showcase/concerts.

First, it was free tickets to those in United States, and now, they are sharing the love in Korea by offering discounted ticket prices for their “JYJ World Wide Concert in Seoul” scheduled for November 27th and 298h, to high school seniors.

If you know anything about Korean education system, then you must know that the high school seniors are under a lot of pressure to take their college entrance exam.  Perhaps this is a sign of sympathy, but who cares what the reason is when you are talking about discounts!  JYJ is offering 40% off to high school seniors and one friend.

Not sure how their wallets will feel after putting on a free show and offering these discounts, but it seems like these boys are definitely watching out and/or thanking their fans for, well, being Cassies.

I guess it pays to be a Cassie — literally.