I don’t know where I was that I missed T-ara‘s latest comeback song “Why Are You Being Like This” and its MV when it was released on November 23rd in Korea, but I’ve seen it now.  Not being the biggest T-ara fan (Bo-peep almost killed me), although I am a fan of Ji-yeon (she’s just so darned cute), I was interested in what new concept the girls of T-ara, with new member/rapper Ryu Hwa-young (who is the twin sister of CO-ED‘s Ryu Hyo-young), were bringing to the table.  Thankfully, it didn’t include any fuzzy animal get-ups.  Have a look for yourself.

I actually like the song and the look for T-ara in the MV which was a little older and more mature.  The song is still a little cutesy, but with an edge to it.  I liked it.  The MV was nothing groundbreaking, but I think is suited the song and looked like a lot of fun going on at a holiday party.  Thumbs up for the song and the MV (What?  I think I just shocked myself… must be the holiday spirit or lack of sleep.  Joking).

T-ara is scheduled to make their comeback to the music stage on the December 3rd episode of Music Bank.

(TodayKorea, AsiaHolicKpop)