In a somewhat telling tweet regarding the difficulties that JYJ is currently experiencing, Jaejoong speaks of being an adult, not giving up, and broadening his horizons.  Check out his tweet below.

“My journey ahead of me is very lengthy and long, but I shouldn’t stop.  If I stop, it’s as if giving up being an adult and failing.  I’m’ starting out my experience as an adult and I’ll use my youth as my strength to broaden my horizons/experience the world.” Translation by Young-Ji@Seoulbeats

The road that Jaejoong and his JYJ bandmates Micky Yoochun and Junsu have chose definitely become  much more complicated and ‘long’ when they chose to challenge their contract with the all powerful SM Entertainment.  It has been a struggle for them to continue with their careers in Korea, Japan, and abroad- every step forward at times seems to lead to two steps backwards.  The latest difficulties with their US concert tours have only added to the difficulties that they have been facing.

Jaejoong does have the right attitude about facing these obstacles, they just have to ride out the hard times and not give up.  Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have proven their talent throughout the years and as long as they persevere and continue to work hard that talent will be rewarded.  Most appropriately it would seem that the boys should remember the motto that they share with their beloved fans, “always keep the faith…”