Obviously the most photogenic family member is Psy sunbae.

Wallpapers for the YG Family Concert were released and I am still bawling my eyes out that I can’t be in Korea for the concert. Is it just me or is TOP looking thinner than Dara?!  Also, same with Gummy-I don’t remember her ever looking so slight! All in all I wish YG would have gone a different route for this photoshoot…I mean, you couldn’t get them all in the SAME photo but had to photoshop everyone together (and awkwardly, at that)?!! That is, unless they are one big, unhappy family.  Ah wait, they’re not “unhappy”-they are being “fierce”. Blah. Gimme some smeyes, arms in heart shapes, and bear hugs!!!

And maybe a little color-we all know how much Psy likes his colorful suits and Big Bang and 2NE1 embrace all colors of the rainbow equally (and often, at the same time)!