Superstar K2 winner Heo Gak released the MV for his debut single “always” featuring himself and Lee Si-young in a tragic love triangle.  He has a great voice and it really shines in the beautiful love song which shot to the top of the charts upon its debut knocking off 2AM.  Check out the semi-controversial MV here.

Why controversial? Some have said that they think in the MV storyline Si-young’s character, after seeing Heo Gak’s organ donor card, actually arranged for him to be killed to save her boyfriend. I can see why some might think this because of the the showing of the donor card in the beginning of the MV, but I’m not convinced. Sure Si-young has played crazy a lot in her past roles (Boys Over Flowers, The Birth of the Rich, We Got Married), but she couldn’t be evil like that (could she?).

(korea economic daily, bestofasian)