And I’m sure many of yours as well!

Yoo Ah-In, who is currently making quite a name for himself (and making many hearts flutter twice-weekly) as Moon Jae Shin aka “Gu Ro” of the famous Joseon F4 on Sungkyunkwan Scandal, recently did a photoshoot with Vogue Girl Korea, and I couldn’t resist sharing when I saw the photos.

You’re welcome.

Another thing that sets him apart from his fellow (male) Joseon F4 members Song Joong-ki and Mickey on SKK Scandal, is his long and almost feral hairstyle (when not up in a proper top bun) as well as his oh-so-masculine facial hair. He really makes the whole look work for him, I think. (RAWR!)

And just to top off our Ah-In sundae with a cherry for good measure, here are also more photos from his High Cut spread that we posted a few weeks ago:

Sorry for the pic spam! Just kidding. You know you love it. Also, Amy- we may just have to rumble for him. ^_^

Photo credit: OSEN