C.N. Blue maknae and bassist Lee Jung-shin hit the runway for the first time as a model at Seoul’s Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week.  Jung-shin was modeling clothes from the brand Dominic’s Way, check out some of his pics from the show.

And, Jung-shin’s C.N. Blue hyungs were at the show to support him.

Congrats to Jung-shin on a successful showing, C.N. Blue is really receiving a lot of love recently.  Of course Yong-hwa is everywhere after successfully debuting in You’re Beautiful and Jong-hyun and Min-hyuk appeared in the film Acoustic.  I guess it was now time for Jung-shin to receive some extracurricular love.

Seoul Fashion Week has become the largest event of it’s kind in Asia, attracting many famous designers, buyers, and stars, to its shows.  It is being held at the Seoul Trade Exhibition Center, better known as SETEC, and will run from October 22nd until the 28th.

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