Over a year since her last album “Arisong” was released, Hwang Bo is making a comeback with the song “I’m Still Pretty.”  The song has a beautiful haunting melody and Hwang Bo sounds just awesome in it.  The MV is not your average MV too with the whole focus on Hwang Bo sitting front and center with life going on in full speed behind her.

Hwang Bo is one of my favorite Kpop celebs so I am a little biased, but I loved the song and MV.  In this day and age of the Idols in Kpop, many consider Hwang Bo, who turned 30 (31 Korean) this year, to be past her prime.  I’d take Hwang Bo over any idol girl, any day.  After becoming a fan of hers through watching her on We Got Married, I learned more about Hwang Bo and was surprised to find out how awesome she truly is.  Hwang Bo is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, she has a race car drivers’ license, and is very involved in all kinds of charity work while still being able to cook with the best of them.  Hwang Bo is just awesome, she is a great example of what a Modern woman should be and she kicks ass.

Thanks to Mena for the heads up.  You asked, we listened.