I’m quite digging Beast and Kara‘s comebacks, and SNSD‘s “Hoot” outfits look more and more ridiculous each week. And at the end of every year, I just start looking forward to the end-of-year shows more than I do music shows, so…gimme!

Kara’s “Jumping”

Beast’s “Beautiful”

Orange Caramel’s “Aing”

SNSD’s “Hoot”

F.Cuz’s “Midnight Sun” (whose MV looks outrageously not like the teaser)

2AM’s “You Won’t Answer My Calls”

Psy’s “Right Now”

Hwang Bo’s “I’m Still Pretty”

Oh Won Bin feat. Hyunah’s “I Love You and I Love You”

Co-Ed’s “Bbiribbom Bberibbom”

Miho’s “I’ll Wait”

2PM’s “Copyright Song”

Today’s winner: