You know, I don’t know why I even bother reporting any of this Netizen vs. Tablo nonsense anymore because it’s always the same stupid sh*t by the same stupid people that always elicits the same reaction:

Internet cafe SangJinSe (A World Where Information Is the Truth) has attempted to refute Stanford University’s claims that Tablo did legitimately earn his bachelor and masters degrees from the university.

The members of the internet cafe are now saying that Tablo fabricated the evidence that was previously submitted to the court. According to one plaintiff, surname Noh, the previous indictments did not take into consideration that the evidence could have been falsified. With “mounting evidence” suggesting a possibility of falsified documents, the internet cafe has resubmitted the case in order to “urge the police to hasten investigations.”

What is this “mounting evidence”? Noh stated, “Stanford used the NSC (National Student Clearinghouse) to verify evidence of enrollment verification. However, the NSC has made four different edits to the evidence regarding Tablo’s Stanford graduation and the legitimacy of his bachelors degree, which therefore completely invalidates their efforts in the eyes of the public. In the graduation register, ‘Bachelor of Arts with Distinction’ is not stated in front of Tablo’s name (Daniel Sun-woong Lee), but this phrase is then stated in the final edited version by NSC. It is also suspicious that the courses listed under his transcript are actually courses that were established after his graduation date of 2001, making it highly possible that the information was fabricated. We cannot understand exactly how he could have taken courses created after his graduation.”

The second plaintiff, surname Kim, commented that “falsified” statements such as that of Tablo’s makes an impact on the public’s perception of the concept of “legitimacy.” Kim basically claimed that celebrities can get away with making up stuff and fooling the public, and that the “citizens” should keep an eye out for these celebrities “in order to form a foundation of justice.”

At this rate, I get the impression that these netizens will still be ranting their little butts off even if God himself told them that Tablo graduated from Stanford.