Here it is again: your Music Bank recap to kick off the weekend, plus unfunny six-word commentary, blah blah blah, y’all know the drill by now.

Comebacks/Debuts: 2NE1 (“Can’t Nobody”/”Go Away”); Son Dambi (“dB Rider”).

Highlight Performance: 2NE1 “Can’t Nobody”/”Go Away”…mostly because YG’s been banning all performance vids from Youtube left and right. Catch it before it’s deleted!


2NE1: “Can’t Nobody”/”Go Away – I’mma kill that cameraman. No joke.

FT Island: “Love Love Love” – Probably their strongest performance to date.

Sistar: “Shady Girl” – Do their mouths hurt from smiling?

Wheesung: “I Thought To Marry” – Plaid shirt horribly out of place.

Narsha feat. Sunny Hill: “Mamma Mia” – Feels like a Koda Kumi song.

Son Dambi: “dB Rider” – That glove is gonna hurt someone.

Secret: “Madonna” – I want all of their shoes.

REI: “High” –  Sweet guitar. More good music please.

Gavy NJ: “Let’s Stop” – Noh Sihyun: impressive voice, impressive hair.

JQT: “No Need To Know” – Ohgodno, someone is wearing a tail.

V.O.S.: “Full Story” – Meh, I wasn’t all too impressed.

TRAX: “Oh! My Goddess” – TRAX performances never fail to impress.

Electro Boyz Feat.Hyorin:  “Draws You” – Jeez, does Hyorin ever stop smiling?

Sori feat. Naco: “You Are Not My Style” – No more football pads. Thank goodness.

2NE1 wins K-Chart for the week: